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The 2019 DeKalb County Barn Tour will be in Victor Township, located at the mid-point on the southern county line of DeKalb County.  The tour includes seven barns of various architectural styles. Many have livestock. All have interesting histories. 
Scroll down for more information on the barns and the tour itself, including locations, dates, times, and tickets.
2019 Barn Tour

2019 Barn Tour Locations


Sawyer Farm Barn

5799 Leland Rd, Waterman, IL

41*42.8422 N,  88*48.0505 W


Bergfeld Family Barn

2656 Burma Rd, Leland, IL

41*40.1495 N, 88*46.8372 W


Hinterlong Barn

11210 Pine Rd, Somonauk, IL
41*40.4548 N, 88*43.6877 W


Wesson Carriage Barn

2675 Leland Rd, Leland, IL
41*40.2256 N, 88*48.0040 W


Mattson Farmstead

9566 Suydam Rd, Leland, IL
41*39.5932 N, 88*43.0633 W


Wold Family Barn

7615 Suydam Rd, Leland, IL
41*40.2256 N, 88*48.0040 W


Gudmunson Barn

10881 Suydam Rd, Somonauk, IL
41*39.5813 N, 88*44.0633 W

What is it?

The DeKalb County Barn Tour is a one-day driving tour of barn sites within DeKalb County hosted by the DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association, Inc. and the JF Glidden Homestead & Historical Center. Participants will receive a map and guide book containing hand-drawn sketches of each barn as well as the barn's history, style and use. For an additional price, five-year anniversary books will be available. Participants drive to each location in any order for a tour of the barn(s). Purchase your event ticket at any of the eight locations. Be aware that this is an outdoor activity that may involve walking on uneven ground. 


Admission is $25 per vehicle (buses extra) (museum members receive a $5 discount).



When is it?

Saturday, August 10, 2019, 9am-4pm


Are there directions?

Victor Township is at the mid-point of the southern county line for DeKalb County.

Highway IL 23 runs north/south through the township. The town of Waterman is 7.2 miles to the north via IL 23. The towns of Somonauk and Sandwich are 9.9 and 11.4 miles respectively to the east via IL 23 and Suydam Road.


How do I volunteer?

In order to make this Barn Tour as successful as those in years past, we need your help. There are a variety of opportunities available to all who want to help. Training is provided and schedules are flexible. Click here for more information on being a Barn Tour volunteer.

Additional directions to starting point (.pdf)

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